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179780-001 Процессор HP PII 450MHz 512K CPU

HP Enterprise

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Clock Speed
450 Mhz
L2 Cache Size
512 KB
Part Number
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HP PentiumII 450MHz 512K Processor

Part Number(s)
Hewlett-Packard Part# 179780-001

Consider upgrading your Compaq system with this ultra-fast processor option. The Pentium II Processor is designed for high-performance desktops workstations and servers. The processors in this family are the next logical step up after the Pentium Pro processors and are to be used for demanding 16-bit and 32-bit applications running under Windows 95 Windows NT and UNIX. They combine the processing power of the Pentium Pro processors with MMX Technology at higher clock speeds with 512KB of In-Package L2 cache. ??With Pentium II processor you'll not only get a boost in processing speed but you'll also enjoy increased system bus bandwidth. This processor is designed for a 100MHz system bus allowing you to take full advantage of Pentium II power by feeding more information to the processor. The 100MHz system bus combined with the Pentium II's own Dual Independent Bus architecture will give all of your applications more room to breathe than they've ever had.

Технические характеристики

Clock Speed
450 Mhz
L2 Cache Size
512 KB
Part Number
Processor Type
Pentium II
Product Type
Processor Upgrade
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